Exposición EXPORT

EXPORT exhibition opens today at Fundación ICO, Madrid. Estudio Álvarez-Sala contributes with the project for the Spanish Embassy in Rabat.

The goal of the exhibition is to show the work of the Spanish architects abroad during 2002 (completion date of Yokohama Station by FOA) and 2014 (opening of Rijksmuseum by Cruz y Ortiz).

Edgar González, the curator, approaches this subject from an open point of view, understanding architecture not only from traditional pratice but expanding to different disciplines as design and teaching.

Our project for this exhibition is the Spanish Embassy in Rabat, completed in 2003 under the name of R&AS. This building combines the iconic character that an Embassy needs with the program requirements.  The building adopts a contemporary and abstract language that not forsakes tradition in order to propose an architecture that is unequivocal expression of our time and culture.