Castellana 44 in Rabat

18 Nov 2016

Estudio Álvarez-Sala will travel to Rabat next week to take part in the conferences on rehabilitation with Estudio Andrada, Lliso& Manzano-Monís and Olga Roldán. We will talk about the complete refurbishment of Castellana 44, Julián Manzano-Monis will explain his project for the Ibiza hotel and Ramón Andrada will share the project for the Iván Vargas library […]



17 Nov 2016

Today, our colleague Alberto Martín will lecture at the UCLM Toledo about the executive project. He will explain a few of the projects he has carried on during the last ten years. We are sure that the students are going to enjoy and learn a lot.


Industrialized building

14 Nov 2016

Here you have the link to the video of the last congress about Industrialized Building organized by AECMA. Enrique Álvarez-Sala and César Ruíz Larrea, among others, participated as speakers. Vídeo


Workspaces renewal

11 Nov 2016

On November 17th Enrique Álvarez-Sala will take part in the conference about workspaces’ renewal organized by the Evetson Group and Promateriales Arquitectura Actual. His presentation will show some of the new projects developed in our office for corporative clients. He will share this morning with the architects Gerardo Ayala, Benjamín Cano and Covadonga González as well […]