Bank of Spain

  • Madrid 2016
  • Competition
© Estudio Álvarez-Sala

This building is located inside the Bank of Spain’s block. The proposal is a serene and prismatic volume that temper the high expression of the buildings around this tower. To do so, the existing heliport, the external evacuation ladder and the new storage pieces on the ground floor are aliminated. Finally, the volumetric aspect of the whole is clarified.

The volumen becomes more abstract and the integration of this little tower is achieved. The measures described reduce the total height of the building and its impact on the inner courtyard. Consequently, the illumination inside the building, and inside the other buildings in the block, improves.

The glass skin aims to achieve new volumetric effects through the shadows and the different planes. Besides, the treatment of the glass will reveal two pieces: the lower one will be dedicated to cafeterías and common areas, and the upper one, to the offices.

This action pursue to echo the monumental order of the historical building and also, reduce the verticality of the tower. The exterior skin unifies the two interior volumens and offers sun protection.

The floor’s shape is redefine to become a rectangle with a continuous perimeter, more effective to distribute offices and add furniture. With a rectangular floor and the new glass skin, the work stpaces will improve its qualities.