Mercado de la Cebada

  • Madrid 2012
  • Ed. Dotacional
© Estudio Álvarez-Sala


The transformation of the square includes the construction of a new market on the space currently occupied by the recently demolished sports center in the corner of Toledo Street and the Plaza Cebada street, and will be more modern, functional and adapted to current needs. The proposed commercial area will be 13,500 square meters. The new sports facilities of 8,000 square meters, will best serve the growing demand of residents. The building will have two levels with a multifunctional track on the lower one and pools on the top floor, and will be located where now occupied by the obsolete market, next to the Humilladero Street.

The intervention will be conducted with the strictest criteria of quality, innovation, design and sustainability, will transform the square and its surroundings, rebalance the urban space, enhance the quality of their endowments and address the new demands of society.

The latest proposal for the market, originally approved in July 2011, after the public inquiry, returns with major developments and substantial improvements. The main one is the incorporation of a Public Park of 4,200 square meters on the rooftop, a new viewpoint on the roofs of La Latina, offered to the city of Madrid. The new public garden in height, with cherry trees, almond trees , grasslands, gastronomic spots, observatories, swings and playgrounds, is easily accessible from the street. The project wants to evoke the world of color, patterned, geometric and undulating barley and their fields of work, creating a green lung in the center of Madrid, aspiring to become a unique reference.

Assignment Date: 2007
Completion Date: 2012
Architecture: Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walther, Carlos Rubio Carvajal. Rubio & Álvarez- Sala.
Developer: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Technical Architect: Pedro Valiente Bravo, Vicente Arenas Benítez
Structure Engineer: MC2
MEP: Urculo Ingenieros
Model: Blanca Pérez Rodríguez, Ignacio Gómez Escauriaza
Visuals: Ayuntamiento de Madrid, HPAL