Bullring in Palencia

  • Palencia 2009
  • Competition
© Estudio Álvarez-Sala


A bullring is a place with great simbolic value that performs a different urban function than a conventional equipment. A neutral space does not fit well with the feast. So, although a modern space  is pursued, it is necessary to preserve the original nature of this kind of enclosures.

Sun and shadow. It is essential that the space can be easily used as an open space. Getting the sun to bath the sand.

The cover proposed allows to move a central oculus to discover, partially, the inner space. The cover and the envelope are in charge to transform the building through the image without affecting the existing construction. The chief functional aspects of the building are kept , only a few transformations are performed in order to get a flexible space.

A small edification is added to include new spaces and uses: lobbies, meetings, catering, media… A new mezzanine appears to free the ground floor as much as possible.


Date: 2009

Architecture:Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walther, Carlos Rubio Carvajal, Rubio & Álvarez- Sala

Visuals: Enrique A-S Gómez- Morán