Isla de Chamartín tower

  • Madrid 2006
  • Vivienda

PRIMER PREMIO EN CONCURSO RESTRINGIDO · “Premios Ayuntamiento de Madrid 2006. XXI Premios de Urbanismo, Arquitectura y Obra Pública 2006”. Mención Especial Edificio de Nueva Planta destinado a Vivienda Torre Puerta de Chamartín, Ferrovial Inmobiliaria, Madrid. · “Premios Asprima 2006”. Mejor actuación en Vivienda Libre.Torre Puerta de Chamartín, Ferrovial Inmobiliaria, Madrid. · “Premios Gaceta de los Negocios 2006”. III Convocatoria. Mención Especial Mejor Promoción Inmobiliaria de España Categoría Primera Vivienda.Torre Puerta de Chamartín, Ferrovial Inmobiliaria, Madrid.FIRST PRIZE IN RESTRAINED COMPETITION · “Ayuntamiento de Madrid Awards 2006. XXI Urbanism and Architecture Awards 2006”. Special Mention to a New Plan Building destinated to Dwellings 'Puerta de Chamartín' Tower. · “Asprima Awards 2006”. Best development of unsubsidised housing.Puerta de Chamartín Tower. · “Gaceta de los Negocios Award 2006”. III Call. Special Mention, Best Development of Housing in Spain. Puerta de Chamartín Tower.

This project is a 77 meters high tower composed of two rectangular prisms displaced diagonally. A third element is inserted between the two prisms to connect them and to lodge vertical circulations.

To break down the plan allows greater development of the façade in order to offer to the dwellings maximum benefit from heat, sunlight and cross ventilation. For example, all the apartment’s lobbies are visually in touch with exterior space.

Structure dissapears in the corners with two goals. From inside, dayzones gain simultaneous visions to two orientations and maximum benefir from the sun. From outside, the building seems to vanish in the corners.

The use of big precast concrete elements in façade allows to reduce the construction schedule. Besides, these elements are used in an innovative way that solves fire protection requirements.

The pouring concrete system chosen for the structure, self-climbing pump, has led to reduce the budget and the construction time. Besides, this system has served as an example for many others new high buildings in Madrid.


Assignment date: 2003

Completion date: 2006

Architecture: Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walther, Carlos Rubio Carvajal, Rubio & Álvarez- Sala

Developer: Habitat Inmobiliaria

Technical Architect: Diego Álvarez Aparicio

Structure Engineer: Pondio Ingenieros (Pointec)

MEP: Prointec

Façade: Carpintería Emiliano Madrid, Prefabricados Typsa

Constructor: Ferrovial Agroman S.A.

Project Manager: Prointec

Model: Jose Luis Alcoceba

Photographer: Rafael Vargas