Housing in El Escorial I

  • El Escorial 2011
  • Vivienda

Every dwelling of this linear building is oriented to the south, looking for splendid views towards Madrid over San Bernabé church and with Abanto mountains and San Lorenzo del Escorial Monastery as background.

Large granite pieces are the only material to solve façade and cover. The continuity of granite contrasts with the balconies on the south elevation, constructed with grey aluminum and smoked glass. The other holes on this façade are vertical elements protected with glass railings hardly visible, looking for an abstract language.

The characteristic rhythm of the building’s volume is enhanced in the cover, alternating inclined and horizontal planes. This volume forcefulness, the lights and shadows displays and the expressiveness of the lateral boundaries and cantilevers show a contemporary vocabulary as well as a confortable incusion into the natural and historic environment.

The only entry is centered in the building and leads to the common gardened area and the dwellings. From this entry an spectacular view of Madrid is perceived beyond Valmayor reservoir. The access to the dwellings is solved along the verandas on the north façade. Windbreaker lobbies protect the entry to the dwellings that are extended to the south with wide balconies. Open courtyards to the verandas allow natural lighting inside secondary rooms.

The ground floor is dedicated to local commercial and to the lower floors of duplex, including gardens beside the main courtyard of the building. The parking is located in two floors underground. There are three kinds of dwellings, with 2, 3 or four rooms.

Structurally, the building is organized  by parallel porticos, perpendicular to façade. The distance between porticos define the dwelling space, without intermediate pillars.


Assignment Date: 2008
Completion Date: 2011
Architecture: Enrique Alvarez-Sala Walter, Carlos Rubio Carvajal, Rubio & Álvarez- Sala
Developer: Ibosa / S. Coop. Vivieca
Technical Architect: Pedro Valiente Bravo, Vicente Arenas Benitez
Structure Engineer: Etesa
MEP: Valladares Ingeniería
Constructor: Urvama